What some of our teachers think about the Conscious Discipline Grenada program…

Testimonials from the wider community…

I was introduced to Conscious Discipline (CD) in 2009 while teaching an Issues in Education course at St. George's University. My students and I had been discussing alternative discipline in schools and Dr. Barbara Landon suggested "learning the Brain Smart way". I was hooked from the beginning as were my students who have gone on to use it in their schools. What intrigued me most was the shift in thinking that we all need to practice with our children, with each other, and in our schools to be more effective communicators. Since 2009 I have helped facilitate Conscious Discipline workshops for our university and the wider community. I believe we need alternative language and behaviours if we hope to empower our children to compete and thrive on the world stage and right here at home.

Conscious Discipline training has been a worthwhile experience for us at the Bel Air Home. It has taught us how the brain influences behavior and has given us different methods to develop positive behavior in our children. We are now able to handle situations in a more gentle, loving and caring way. All in all it has affected our (staff) lives, in the way we deal with people and situations on all levels, not just within Bel Air.
Lisa & Allison

Conscious Discipline is one of the most powerful, relevant and effective skills that EVERYONE should seek to acquire and master. It is a skill that can be used by any and everyone because it focuses on the awareness to consciously direct our thoughts and emotions in every situation.


Conscious Discipline is a program that is great for parents, teachers, and volunteers to learn composure and other skills to effectively work with children of all types. It takes you from frustration to self-regulation that can help you anywhere from the classroom to at home

Learning about Conscious Discipline in training, experience and practice has been a great asset to me in the delivery of the caregivers training, at work and at home. It has provided me with the necessary skills and techniques and with the new found phrases like ‘wishing you well’ and ‘STAR’ to be able to perform better and to handle situation in a much calmer manner. In this era of conflict and strife, Conscious Discipline is a tool that can be used by all, both young and old, to bring about unity and peace in the home, at school, work, community and the nation on a whole.
I teach 2 1/2 to 4 year-olds and I was having some serious problems dealing with disciplining them. I did not think I would continue after the 1st term. My principal mentioned to me about these classes and it has really helped me to turn things around. I was skeptical at first, because I said to myself this would not work for our children after the first class. However I went back to the school and tried 1 of the methods and was surprised to see the children responded to it. I attended the other classes and went back to the children trying out these methods one by one. At the end of my term I no longer felt burnt out because of trying to discipline and I saw great changes in the behaviour of the children. Conscious Discipline really works, and I know it works for any children no matter which culture they are.

I can attest that CD assisted me during [my father’s illness and recent passing], especially the "Power of Acceptance." I knew this was the situation, I had to face it and deal with it. As the eldest, my calmness I believe transcended to my siblings and many persons were remarking how well we were accepting daddy's death. Thanks for all you have taught me. At the GAP we have witnessed the transformation of some of students who experienced temper tantrums learning the skill of composure. The safe place is utilized by both teachers and students. One student observed a teacher was sad and even suggested that she utilize the safe place. Conscious Discipline works. It only takes readjustment of ones FOCUS.


Before, we put them in time out, or worse. We didn’t talk to them. It’s not our fault, that is how we grew up, so that is our way, that is what we knew. But now [after Conscious Discipline training] it’s different, we are able to teach the children what we have learned. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thanks to Reach Grenada. This has given me the skills I never had, and I was able to develop my self esteem, likewise.

Cassandra & Annmarie

The staff [at Queen Elizabeth Home] are able to cope better with the children in terms of their behavioural problems. As a result of the training, they now routinely take a child or children to a "safe place" and speak to them in a way which would calm that child or children. The training has also helped the workers to calm themselves, and they now seek help from one another if they are overwhelmed by the actions of the children. I have also noticed less frustration in the caregivers. I think continuation of this type of training would surely be beneficial for both staff and children.