What We Do

Our Mission

Support the neurodevelopment of children in the Caribbean Region and Developing Tropical Regions worldwide by:

  • Building research, assessment, and intervention capacity within the CCCN
  • Developing, implementing, and assessing measures of child neurodevelopment that are valid and reliable in tropical developing regions
  • Designing, developing, implementing and assessing evidence-based intervention programs to improve child neurodevelopment in developing tropical regions
  • Assessing the impact of intervention programs on child neurodevelopment
  • Developing and disseminating inclusive, equitable best practice health, education, and social policies that support child neurodevelopment to local, national, regional, and international policymakers

Our Vision

We envision a world in which children feel safe, connected, and cognitively empowered to effectively resolve conflict within themselves and with others in a socially sustainable way.

Our Values

We value equal opportunity for all children to reach their full developmental potential.






Our Impact

Our Methodology

Child development is complex. We therefore implement the mission of the CCCN by following a multi-pillar approach. We draw upon the latest and most impactful research across numerous disciplines: Neuropsychology, Social Psychology, Neuroscience (and social neuroscience), child development, sociology, and public health (especially prevention science). We develop, revise, implement, and assess interventions that are designed to strengthen the social-emotional connection between mothers and children. We recognize that maximizing brain development in young children means maximizing health, mental health, and well-being in mothers. We also recognize that accurate measurement of child neurodevelopment is necessary to assess the impact of intervention programs. Community based efforts must be paired with changes in laws, government policies, and public health programs to that support the well-being of mothers and their children.


We design and implement programs that enhance healthy development in children by focusing on safety, relationships, and eliminating violence.

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Measurement and Evaluation

We design and conduct child assessments to ensure that our interventions are making a difference.

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Public Health

Our primary focus is on preventing problems before they occur. We use our team’s multidisciplinary expertise to reduce violence and to promote and enhance population health and resilience.

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Policy Advising

We work as advisors and consultants with local, regional, and global partners to ensure that child and family health is at the forefront.

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